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MalcolmRose plays Crawl with a predominant focus on winning and streaking. You can find his commentated streak games on YouTube. MalcolmRose also runs a website where he discusses cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and more with the philosophy that you shouldn't have to be a highly tech-savvy person to learn about how this technology is changing the world of money.

"Hi! I'm Malcolm Rose and I enjoy Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup. I also enjoy winning at it, so I try my best to maximize my win-rate and to streak as much as possible. To that end I once tried to get the world record for the most wins in a row, and depending on how you want to measure it I either succeeded or took second place. Success in anything, even a game like Crawl often boils down to time, effort, and understanding - so, on my YouTube channel and in the guides I've written on this site I try to pass on some of that understanding.

Enjoy my writing? Take a look at my website Rose Crypto. My goal is to take all the tech buzzwords away and educate people on crypto in plain English. After all, Bitcoin has made millionaires out of many people overnight - wouldn't you like to learn how it works, and how to get some for yourself?"

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