Crawl Writings

International Crawl Association - An email exchange between Ultraviolent4 and Paul Selick

Ultraviolent4's 0.22 Tournament Moments - Ultraviolent4

The Story of Ugbert and Orik - Boku_no_PicoandChico

Crawl Legends

Crawl Legends 1 - 78291's xl12 Ascension - demonblade

Crawl Legends 2 - Rob the Almost Pacifist - demonblade

Crawl Legends 3 - Sapher the Fastest Minotaur on Earth - demonblade

Other Miscellany

RC File Lua for Optimal Trap Avoidance - Ultraviolent4

I've uncovered a giant conspiracy - Ultraviolent4

Vampire Blood Management - An In-Depth Examination of the Full/Satiated Divide - Ultraviolent4

Strategic Use of Web Traps - Ultraviolent4 (Note: this was patched out soon after)

PSA: If you die to traps you only have yourself to blame - Ultraviolent4